Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome to The Guv'nah

At some point in every academic's life, there comes a realization that studying is not everything.  Sometimes its after your first grad school fail.  Sometimes it's after your first stress-induced panic attack.  Sometimes is when you realized you don't recognize anyone on Perez Hilton.

He seems like a nice young man...

This creates a need to step back from the textbooks, step out of the stacks of the library, and find something worth while to do that can not be placed on a CV.  As such, we have decided to document our shenanigans* and shindigs in a shared blog. We share a love cooking and good food, Harry Potter, and whiskey. We are three graduate students sharing a house and attending a Big Ten university.

Guess which Big Ten.

Along with our cohorts, we plan on making graduate school as exciting as possible, and you are welcome to follow us as we navigate our programs and earn our degrees.  We hope to share our favorite food and cocktail recipes, our favorite party ideas, and insight into surviving graduate school.

We welcome ideas for recipes, inexpensive activities, and party themes.

- The Pink One

*Edit from The Yellow One - according to teenage rom-coms, we would have WAY more shenanigans if we lied more. We need to start telling people that our fathers know rock stars and we'll be onstage for their next concert, or that we have hot dates to the big dance tomorrow when we really don't!

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